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Hi, I’m Lore Bergman and I am running for U.S. House of Representatives for the Congressional 6th District. I am running because the world is on fire due to the climate crisis and war, and we must help the innocent people caught in the crossfire for as long as it takes. Hate, bigotry and racism are growing at alarming rates and democracy is being attacked all over the world. The US House of Representatives is a mess, embarrassing our country, putting our own national security in danger and weakening our image in the eyes of the world. And the present representative of District 6 is contributing to the chaos with his extreme views and votes.

As the only woman in this race, I will fight for all woman’s rights and the right to have control over our own bodies. I will fight for stricter and common-sense gun laws, and for banning assault weapons, not books. Presently guns seem to have more rights than women do. I will fight for all Social Security programs, HUD and affordable housing, SNAP, Medicare, Medicaid, drug prices, eyeglasses, hearing aids and all the other programs that help the most vulnerable. These programs should be improved and expanded, not gutted, and all Americans should finally get health care and have a hospital close by. I will also fight for immigrants so that they can have a speedier path toward visas and citizenship, and that they will be treated with empathy and not cruelty. And that all parents and the gay community can decide how they and their children will live.

Trying to run for office has been a huge endeavor. And I have been told if you’re not rich, or have rich friends, you don’t have a chance. But I have something else. I have personal experience, and my many life experiences have convinced me to run. They have given me great empathy and understanding, which will serve me well when I am representing the 6th District, and writing legislation for the many issues concerning our country today.

I needed women’s reproductive health care when I had a miscarriage years ago, and now I shudder to think what I would have had to go through to get the help I needed. It’s hard to believe that my grandmother had more rights 2 years ago than my college age niece has now. I became homeless because I fought a landlord who was harming the disabled and the elderly. He pushed me out of my apartment and within less than a year I became homeless, living in my car until I could find affordable housing again. I barely survived. I am the daughter of a long line of immigrants from the former Yugoslavia, and I am a first generation American. I know how hard immigrants work and that they are good people and deserve to be treated with humanity and respect. I know how hard it is to deal with sexual abuse, because I have had to heal from it. I was raised in an extreme religious group and understand how people can be easily led astray. And as a disabled American, I understand what is like to need help from the government and how all the programs work, because I have had to use them. All these experiences will guide me as I represent the people of the 6th District.

The disabled are very underrepresented in Washington, and Congress needs our perspective. Living with a disability is something I know all too well, because I was born with some crazy genetics, and I know that the very programs that are made to help many times can hurt. Much needs to be changed and improved and I have many ideas about how that can be done. I am so tired of hearing rich congressmen speak about programs they know nothing about and never will. They want to gut programs that are needed for the poorest, most disadvantaged people in this country, including Tennessee. I want to literally pull my hair out when I hear them speak about what they think needs to be done for the needy, and how to balance the budget. They cause great anxiety and panic for the most vulnerable in this country when they threaten these ideas, because the most vulnerable are already barely surviving. It is wrong and it needs to stop! And by the way, the budget could be balanced, but the majority in the House refuse to tax the super-rich, because certain Congressmen are receiving “donations” from those super-rich. Corporate money and dark money have no place in politics!! So I can guarantee that I will fight for the disabled, elderly, poor and disadvantaged and I have pages of legislative ideas for that, and I can’t wait to bring it to the floor of Congress.

Tennessee is one of the poorest states in the country and District 6 has much poverty. And all over the country and Tennessee, more children and adults are hungry and homeless than ever before. We need to make sure that all the counties in our state are being represented and treated fairly, not just the few counties we have in our state that are doing well. We need new jobs and affordable housing throughout the whole district, good schools and libraries for all children, and healthcare for all. And farmers need to be able to get the help they need, also. I will make sure that all the people including the most vulnerable people in District 6 will be heard, and that I represent them well in Washington! I hope you will help me accomplish all these goals, by voting for me and donating to my campaign!

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